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EEB 42T RED Chainring

  • Brand: EEB
  • Product Code: EEB NW42TRED
50 or more : 19.00$

Chainring for Electric Enduro bike.

The term "narrow wide" chainring describes the shape and profile of the individual teeth driving the chain. Each tooth alternates thickness, narrow wide narrow wide, all the way around the ring. With an old school traditional chainring, all the teeth would be considered narrow with small differences in thickness between brands. 

When looking at your chain, you will see how each link is pinned together to the next and the gaps between chain links alternate from narrow to wide. The narrow wide chainring now mates seamlessly with the chain, almost locking the chain to the ring without much increase in drag.

The sole purpose of the narrow wide chainring is chain retention. The narrow wide tooth pattern keeps the chain from moving left to right and eventually popping off the chainring while riding.

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