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EEB 36V 15,9Ah Boston Swing Battery Pack

50 or more : 120.00$

We can produce a battery of any power, size, cable length you require, the required connectors in the case you need. Sample production time 15days.  The battery models that are presented in our catalog are the most popular on the market and are available in our warehouse. MOQ of batteries with the required parameters and wholesale price are negotiable

Battery pack Boston 36v15,9ah is an excellent battery for medium distances and tough use on a lightweight electric bike.

For motor power up to 350W.

At a speed of 25km/h, you can drive up to 60km without pedals.

Using the 36V8A charger, you can charge the battery by 50% per hour.

Equipped with a built-in BMS (Battery Management System) board for protection against overcharge and overdischarge.

The battery cells of the American company Boston Swing 5300 are another breakthrough in the category of lithium batteries.

Bit characteristics at the level of branded 18650 cells, but with huge advantages:

- significantly lower price;

- the possibility of accelerated charging (0.7C or 70% charge per hour);

- stable operation in cold weather, up to -40С;

- the ability to charge in cold weather to -20C;

- service life up to 10 years or 3000 cycles;

- issue the full declared capacity at a load of 1C and a discharge of up to 3V.

The Boston Swing 5300 is designed for electric vehicles, therefore it is adapted to more severe operating conditions and has a significantly longer service life compared to most analogues in the 18650 form factor. In the battery images you can see their characteristics (Datasheet).

Configuration: 10S3P Boston Swing 5300 

Weight 3kg

Size: 210x115x70

Rated voltage 36v

Max voltage 42v

Undervoltage 30v

Rated discharge current 30A

Max continuous discharge current (5 sec) 40A

Recommended charge current 4A

Max charge current 8A

Effective capacity 15,9Ah

Charge connector DC 5521

DIscharge connector XT60

BMS function : Cell balancing, Over-current, Over-discharge, Over-charge,

Temperature protection, Secondary protection.

Charger is not included, pls purchase it separate

Product Details
Voltage:36v Capacity, Wh:572
Discharge, A:30
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