Rear 5000w 72v e-bike kit
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72v 5-12000w e-bike kit

  • Product Code: 72v 5-12000w e-bike kit

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This is e-bike kit is a perfect balanced solution for ultrapowered e-bike.

Laced in 19 inch moto rim.

We recommend to use moto rims because the speed 75+kph is too high for bicycle components.

Sine Wave 48-72v 170A controller is smart programmable, it has motor and controller overheat protection ( power limit when temp is higher than 90c, or you can adjust temperature via bluetooth).

Controller is programmable from Android smartphone, you can adjust power limit, 3 speed modes, cruise, regen brake level, reverse etc.

Android App has adjustment options and display vidget with speed, power, current, temperature etc.

Controller is plug and play compatible with our intilligent anti-theft alarm BB1.

Quanshun motor 205 V3 comes with built in temp sensor.

There are two versions of motors available - 5T and 3,5T.

5T version for 80kph comes by default.

3,5T is high speed version for 100+kph, we recommend it only if your battery can deliver 150A continuous current to controller.

The spokes are 3,2mm black. Motor and rim also black.

We recommend to use this kit with battery packs 72v and 80-150A continuous current.

60v and 48v battery packs are also compatible.

There is no PAS function in this kit.

One set includes:

1. Rear hub-motor Quanshun 205 V3 (3,5T or 5T) laced in 19 inch moto rim and installed Road or Off-Road tire

2. Sine wave smart programmable (Android APP) 72v 170A controller with regen, cruise, 3sp, overtemperature protection

3. Twist throttle for right hand with 3sp and cruise buttons + left grip

4. Antitheft alarm with remote control

5. 1sp frewheel

6. Garmata display


Suitable for any electric bike with a lithium battery from 48, 60, 72 volts.

Setting the speed with a resistor on the display board.

The display shows: odometer, current speed, current gear, ambient temperature, indicators for front light, turn signals, discharged battery, battery voltage, battery charge indication.

To display the speed, the controller must have a special output for the speedometer. Or you can also connect the wheel motor to the hall sensor.


Green - display power, negative cable;

Red - display power, positive cable 40-84 volts; violet - connection of the speed measurement cable from the controller;

Yellow - connection of a hall sensor for measuring speed;

Black and gray - connection (+) from turn signal indicators;

Blue - connection (+) from the headlight;

White, brown, orange - three speeds.

ANDROID APP and software updates for controller: LINK


Is the power 5kW or 12kW? - the power is limited by your battery pack. Controller can run 72v170A max power, but you can adjust via bluetooth power limit so that your battery could supply enough Amperage and motor does not overheat.

Which battery fits this kit? - Voltage 48-72v. Capacity - bigger is better, but it is limited by your space inside the bike's frame and budget.  COntinuous discharge must be at least 80A, better if higher.

Can I order this kit with FAT-bike rim or normal bicycle rim? - No. Fatbike tires are made for slow speed ( 25kph). Strongest bicycle tyres and rims are designed for 45kph. It is dangerous to use this powerful kit with bicycle wheels.

How do I adjust power? - better use 10-20% less maximum current than your battery can supply. For example, if your battery pack can deliver 100A - we recommend to adjust 80A maximum current.

Does it fit to EEB frame? - yes, you can put controller inside the frame with EEB M battery box ( 280 cells 18650)

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