Long life light weight Panasonic e-bike battery pack

Panasonic GA 48V 24,5Ah 1.1kWh 40A continius

40 or more : 375.00$

Battery pack Panasonic GA 48v24,5ah is a long-life multigrade battery for medium distances and tough use on an electric bike or electric scooter.

With motor power up to 1500W.

Very compact size and oblong shape for placement along the frame pipe of the electric bike or in the deck of the electric scooter.

At a speed of 25km / h, you can drive up to 110km without the help of pedals.

Using the 48V4A charger, you can charge the battery by 20% per hour.

Equipped with a built-in BMS (Battery Management System) board for protection against overcharge and overdischarge.

Configuration: 13S7P Panasonic GA 3500  18650

Weight 5,4kg

Size: 273x117x65

Rated voltage 48v

Max voltage 54,6v

Undervoltage 40v

Rated discharge current 40A

Max continuous discharge current (5 sec) 60A

Recommended charge current 4A

Max charge current 4A

Effective capacity 24Ah

Charge connector DC5521

DIscharge connector XT60Female

BMS function : Cell balancing, Over-current, Over-discharge, Over-charge,

Temperature protection, Secondary protection.

Charger is not included, pls purchase it separate

Product Details
Voltage:48v Capacity, Wh:1056
Discharge, A:22
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