electric enduroebike controller

Ebike Programmable Sine Wave 48-72v 170A Controller

  • Brand: EEB
  • Product Code: EEB48-72v170a

Manual and APK:


One set includes:

1. Sine wave smart programmable (Android APP) 48-72v 170A controller with regen, cruise, 3sp, controller overtemperature protection, motor(controller support KTY83-122 temp sensor) overtemperature protection.

2. Twist throttle for right hand with 3sp and cruise buttons + left grip

3. Antitheft alarm with remote control

4. 1sp frewheel

* Sine Wave 48-72v 170A controller is smart programmable, it has motor and controller overheat protection ( power limit when temp is higher than 90c, or you can adjust temperature via bluetooth).

* Controller is programmable from Android smartphone, you can adjust power limit, 3 speed modes, cruise, regen brake level, reverse etc.

* Android App has adjustment options and display vidget with speed, power, current, temperature etc.

* Controller is plug and play compatible with our intilligent anti-theft alarm BB1.

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