e-bike taillight

Taillight with turnlights

  • Brand: EEB
  • Product Code: A01TL12V
10 or more : 20.00$


The main rear light/ works in conjunction with the headlight

Stop signal

Turn signals.

Brown(or Green)wire + from battery (for rear red light. Constantly lit)      H+   on the plate

Red wire + from the battery (for turn signals. Closed to yellow or blue)   H1+  on the plate

Yellow wire - left turn signal(+)   L+  on the plate

Blue wire - right turn signal(+)   R+   on the plate

White wire- GND. Wire is from the battery   GND1  on the plate

Black wire - GND(brake light. Connects to one of the brake lever connector wires)   GND on the plate

If the color of the cable in the photo differs from yours, then you need to focus on the designations on the plate.

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