48V24,5AH Panasonic GA Ebike Battery A Grade/ 18650 li-ion cell Pack Battery For E-Bike/Electric Scooter
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Ebike Battery A Grade 48V24,5AH

  • Product Code: Ebike Battery A Grade 48V24,5AH

Dear customers. We choose the best A-grade cells in the market. We guarantee you that all the cells are genuine.

It is dangerous to use such battery packs in PVC shrink, our batteries are designed specifically for the frame, with plastic cell holders and in a strong plastic case, so they are safe if dropped. And such bricks in pvc can be damaged when falling and catch fire from this. Our batteries are not cheapest because we use A-grade cells, it is a warranty of long life cycles and safety. We have 2 shipping ways. By air(7-10days) and by sea(50-70days). Shipping by sea is usually more than 2 times cheaper than by plane. But there are often delays when processing cargo at ports.

Hope for understand and have a good ride on your E-bike.

This li-ion battery pack assembly of 18650 cells has the largest capacity in the design of a removable electric bike battery.

18650 Panasonic GA 3500mah cells are time-tested and will work at least 5 years.

With this capacity, you can drive at least 100 kilometers.



13S7P Panasonic GA, A Grade 18650 3500mah li-ion cell

Weight: 5kg(in removable plastic case)

Size: L370mm, W90mm, H142mm

Rated voltage 48v

Max voltage 54,6v

Undervoltage 40v

Rated discharge current 30A

Max continuous discharge current (5 sec) 40A

Recommended charge current 4A

Max charge current 4A

Rated capacity 24,5ah(1176wh)

Charge connector- DC5521 Male

DIscharge connector- Amass XT60 Female

BMS function : Cell balancing, Over-current, Over-discharge, Over-charge,

Temperature protection, Secondary protection.

Compatible with: any bicycle frame with 2 bolts bottle mount

Charger is not included, pls purchase it separate

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