72v 36Ah high power lithium battery pack

EEB 72v 36Ah Samsung 30q battery pack

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Product Code: EEBS30q 72V36AH

We can produce a battery of any power, size, cable length you require, the required connectors in the case you need. Sample production time 15days.  The battery models that are presented in our catalog are the most popular on the market and are available in our warehouse. MOQ of batteries with the required parameters and wholesale price are negotiable

20s12p Samsung 30q Battery pack is perfect for powerful up to 10000w electric bikes. High discharge current of these pack can give you more adrenaline during the ride compare to normal 18650 cells

Configuration: 20S21P Samsung 30q

Size: 335x125x140

Weight 14kg

Rated voltage 72v

Max voltage 84v

Undervoltage 60v

Rated discharge current 150A

Max continuous discharge current (5 sec) 300A

Peak  discharge current (1sec) 300A

Recommended charge current 10A

Max charge current 10A

Rated capacity 36ah

Charge connector XLR female 

DIscharge connector Anderson SB50

BMS function : Cell balancing, Over-current, Over-discharge, Over-charge,

Temperature protection, Secondary protection.

Compatible with: EEB M battery box.

Charger is not included, pls purchase it separate

Product Details
Voltage:72v Capacity, Wh:2592
Discharge, A:150
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