5000W controller
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Garmata Black Edition V1 Sine wave controller LCD 48,72v65A 5000W

  • Brand: EEB
  • Product Code: GBEV165A

Dear customers!

We are happy to introduce you our newest controller for powerful e-bikes in 2022.

GARMATA is our new brandname (registered trademark).

GARMATA is ukrainian word.

All GARMATA products are developed by ukrainian engineers, you help Ukraine if you buy our products.

GARMATA products are always top quality.

Garmata Black Edition V1 controller comes with following specs:

- miles/kilometers

- 48 or 72 system voltage

- 65A maximum current ( adjustable from display, you can set the limit from 1 to 65A)

- smooth PAS system with 5 steps of power 

- EABS regen brakes 

- Cruise function

- Sine wave makes motor silent

- Current control (as opposed to speed control) provides power control rather than speed control as with conventional controllers, this function allows for more responsive handling of the e-bike

- overheat protection of the motor (controller limits the power if motor is 110C and cut off if the temperature is higher than 150C), motor temperature is showing on LCD

- ultra compact size of controller body 100x70x45mm

- Anti-theft alarm compatible

- LCD shows speed, motor power, odo distance, trip distance, time, battery level, motor temperature, PAS level, trip time

Sine wave controller GARMATA Black Edition V1 for an electric bike with adjustable power. The first controller on the market with such a small size and such a big power. The controller works with lithium-ion batteries of 48 and 72 volts. The maximum current is up to 65 amperes. The current can be adjusted from 1 to 65A. The controller works with the NTC10K motor temperature sensor in motor. This means that the controller has a motor overheating protection function and depending on the outdoor temperature and the size of your motor, you can adjust the maximum safe controller current by yourself just in LCD menu. You can see the temperature of the motor on the display while driving. The controller has a pedaling assistant function that operates on current, not on RPM like many other controllers. This means that pedaling will be more comfortable and acceleration will be fast, smooth and responsive. There are 5 driving levels in the controller. At the 1st level, the speed is up to 32 kph ( if 72v battery) and 25kph (if 48v battery) and the controller current is cut in half (economy mode). At other levels, the max current is 100% (this limit you can set in the settings menu of LCD) and the speed is limited depending on the selected level. With a 72 volt battery, this kit will be able to accelerate you up to 80 kph, with a 48 volt battery you can ride up to 60kph if you use our GTS3000 motor. (The motor has a rated power of 3000 watts, 45mm magnets, weight 9.3 kg, you can see complete DIY e-bike kit with motor laced in rim by this link: LINK TO OUR ALIEXPRESS STORE). This motor has proven itself well at powers up to 5000 watts. The rim has a width of 70mm, double profile. This rim is perfectly combined with a light and durable German Schwalbe crazy bob tire with a width of 2.35mm(75mm width on the rim). This set is the best solution for use in Enduroebike frames.  

We also can recommend 1500W e-bike kit with Downtube 48v24,5Ah Panasonic battery pack based on this controller kit. Please see more details here: LINK TO 1500W DIY e-bike KIT 

This controller version developed for direct drive motors ( does not have speedometer cable for geared motors).

We recommend 3000W motor for this controller, but you can use 1000w or 1500w motors also, just the current in settings menu must be limited to 30A if 1000W motor or 35A if 1500W motor.

This item includes:

- LCD with buttons

- controller GARMATA BE V1 48,72v65A

- Anti-theft alarm with 2 remote controls

- tumb throttle

- PAS sensor

For this controller kit we recommend our batteries:

Downtube Panasonic GA 13S7P 48v24,5Ah ( this battery for 30A continuous current, good for 1000-1500W motors)

Panasonic GA 20S14P 72v49Ah

Panasonic GA 13S21P 48v73,5Ah

Panasonic GA 20S20P 72v70Ah

Panasonic GA 13S30P 48v105Ah

LG 20S20P 72v52Ah

LG 13S21P 48v54,6Ah 

And motors:

LINK to GTS3000 motor

LINK to GTS1500 motor

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